Frozen 2 & Frozen Collection Books Updated to Include Frozen 2 Movie Ending.

Both our standalone Frozen 2 story book and Frozen Collection books have been updated to include the ending of the Frozen 2 film.

This had not been previously included as a order by Disney to keep the integrity of the film and for the book to remain spoiler-free.

This embargo has now been lifted and you will find the ending of the film within these books.

The books that have been updated.

Personalised Frozen 2 Book Licensed Disney Story Book

Available in Hardback and Softback


A personalised storybook of the spectacular Frozen sequel.

In this personalised Frozen 2 storybook, your child enters the Kingdom of Arendelle, home to Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven. It is up to the team to rescue the Kingdom, which has become enclosed in a endless winter.

Epic adventures await, as the group encounter the might and power of the elements, uncovering ancient mysteries along the way.

Personalised Frozen Collection Book – Licensed Disney Frozen Universe Storybook

Available in Hardback and Softback

The Frozen universe burst onto the scene in 2013 and has since become a global phenomenon.

This personalised collection book is the ultimate Frozen souvenir, containing the original Frozen movie plus the sequel Frozen 2!

There are a further three Frozen stories, PLUS a unique tale featuring your child!

The absolute gift for any fan of Frozen who probably will have a fantasy of being in the Frozen universe.

This collection book allows them to do precisely that and will be a priceless addition to their bookshelf.

Available in A3 deluxe size £39.99

Presented in a Black Disney Supersize Giftbox which is embossed with a picture of the famous Disney castle.









A4 standard sized £29.99

Presented in a Cream Disney Giftbox which is embossed with a picture of the famous Disney castle.







Each book features further personalisation with the recipient’s name embossed on the cover and again on the opening page alongside a personal message.

You can also add a photo of your child to the opening page.


Find out What’s next for Anna Elsa and Olaf? Licensed Disney Frozen 2 Story Book

THE film of the year is released in 9 days! (22nd November 2019)

Read the story BEFORE film is released in cinemas!

Your child features THROUGHOUT story – their name also on the cover!

Frozen 2 is only NINE DAYS away from its big-screen release. Celebrate the highly anticipated sequel with this personalised Frozen 2 story book!

This personalised adaptation of the Frozen sequel features the recipient’s name all the way through the story as they become a part of the latest epic Frozen adventure.



What’s more, their name will feature on the front cover AND on the opening page, where a personal message and photo can also be added.

This book is available in hardback and softback editions and can be purchased inside a special Disney gift box.

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