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This robust and durable inversion table is certainly built to last and features padded back support and padded handles to ensure that you remain comfortable as you stretch.

Easy to keep clean, the table folds away neatly for easy storage when not in use.

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A potentially life-changing piece of equipment, the Komodo Gravity Inversion Table delivers instant pain relief. The table enables you to gain the benefits of exercise whilst alleviating your pain and improving your circulation. That’s three great benefits from one piece of kit!

Built to Last with Robust and Durable Frame

This robust and durable inversion table is certainly built to last and features padded back support and padded handles to ensure that you remain comfortable as you stretch.

Easy to keep clean, the table folds away neatly for easy storage when not in use.

The Komodo Gravity Inversion Table is safe to use and is finished with a scratch resistant powder coating. You are able to adjust the height to suit your needs and the maximum load weight is 136kgs.


Great for Alleviating Back and Neck Pain

But how does the inversion table alleviate back and neck pain?

Hanging upside down or at an angle decompresses your spine. This relieves the stress on your spine including the discs and so pain is reduced and any trapped nerves can be released. Inversion stretches your muscles and this action can also help to relieve the pain you usually experience when you exercise.

You could even find that inversion corrects issues which can develop as a result of participating in one-sided sports such as golf and tennis.



More Details

The Komodo Folding Gravity Inversion Table is a god send for any one with back and neck pain providing fast and effective pain relief that can be done at home. The Komodo Inversion Table is great for lower back exercises that help strengthen the muscles of the lower back whilst speeding up your metabolism and increasing your blood circulation.

The Komodo Folding Gravity Inversion Table features a solid steel frame that’s built to last, it is finished with scratch resistant powder coating.

For your comfort the back support is made with padded foam, it has a PVC cover so can be easily wiped when required.

With padded ankle straps and adjustable height feature this inversion table is a must.

A great features about the Komodo Inversion table is that is folds away nice and neatly to be easily stored away.

Benefits include: increases energy levels, increases mental alertness, increases body flexibility, stretch your body muscles

Features & Specifications:

  • Reduces back pain
  • Safe and secure
  • Non slip rubber feet
  • Fast foot padded handles
  • Solid steel frame
  • Scratch resistant powder coating
  • Durable PVC mat
  • Padded handles and padded ankle clamps
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Inversion range of 180 Degrees
  • Adjustable height
  • Materials: Steel, PVC
  • Weight capacity 136kg
  • Body height range: 147cm-198cm
  • Max body height: 198cm 6ft 2 inches
  • Product Dimensions 118cm x 68cm x 149cmIn the Box:
  • Inversion Table



3 reviews for Komodo Inversion Table

  1. R. McGinley

    If you have back trouble then buy an inversion table.
    I am 41, 6′ 2″ and 14 stone (90kg).
    On and off for 15 years I have had back trouble. This time I injured my back last November.
    For six months I could not get off the meds because of the pain. Back exercises only hurt it more.
    It was the worst my back has even been. MRI showed two bulging discs.
    I finally bought this inversion table about six weeks ago. Within one week I felt a difference. I used it for ten minutes in the morning and ten in the evening after work. I started at about 45 degrees and slowly increased to full inversion after five weeks.
    I’m now off the meds two weeks and back hill walking.
    Inversion tables worked for my brother as well. He is also 6′ 2″ and suffered form bad sciatica.
    He swears by them and so do I.

    This inversion table has all the features you will need.
    The adjustable ankle brace is very nice. For comfort I put a pair of old sparing gloves between the padding and my leg, then click the support tight.
    With the extra padding I can hang fully vertical for as long as I need
    I knew about inversion tables since my first back injury but thought I didn’t really need one.
    Don’t make the same mistake as me.
    Buy one and get on with the rest your life.

  2. Buzz From Leeds

    This Komodo inversion table seems to be a good quality, sturdy, product that represents good value for money. Time will tell if we have any benefit from this type of treatment.

    It arrived within a few days of being ordered. Easy enough to assemble (about 20 minutes) even though the instructions are not brilliant it is quite self-explanatory.
    It is a sturdy piece of equipment and seems substantial enough to use safely. To store it simply lift off the padded table from the folding legs, then fold the legs and them store them away. It takes 1 minute to put up or take down. I have changed the webbed strap and buckle (use to clip to the frame and to the bed to restrict the angle of inversion). I use a chain that cannot slip. Well worth the money if you need this type of thing. The only thing missing (that other more expensive tables have) is the facility for preset angles to be set. Although my chain will do the same thing. Simply use set number of links to give the required angle.
    I would recommend this unit as good value for money and quality.

  3. Stuart700

    User Review
    The item arrived on time and as advertised.
    I have been using it now for a few weeks and it seems to be doing my back some good. It is quite easy to assemble and operate. Once I have finished my session, I have to be careful when I get off while my back stabilises. This only take a few seconds but care must be taken.

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