What is SmokeyDs Reward Points?
SmokeyDs Reward Points is our way of rewarding you with every purchase you make from SmokeyDs.com, Every time you shop with us, you earn Reward points which can then be used for future orders.
What are reward points
Reward points allow you to get rewarded for buying at our shop, the more you buy, the more points you will receive which you are able to spend on your next order automatically. Points are only earned via web site orders, and not over email.

5x reward points until further notice.*

How to get points
1) For each £1.00 spent for your order, you will earn 1 Reward point 5 Reward Points. Example: Order £100 and get 100 Reward Points 500 Reward Points!.
2) 50 Reward Points for being a new customer.
3) 50 Reward Points for leaving a product review.
4) 100 Reward Points for sending us a screen shot of your Trust Pilot Review.
5) 50 Reward Points if you add and message us on facebook with your account email.
How to check how many points you have:
How do I spend my Reward points?
You can redeem your points on any purchase made online to reduce the cost of whatever you want to buy.
Simply add the product(s) you want to purchase to your Basket and go to Checkout as normal, then type in the number of points you wish to spend into the Reward Points box in the Checkout. Just make sure you log into your SmokeyDs.com Account first!
Each 100 points can be redeemed for £1.00. At the check out, You can choose how many points you want to spend for this order. Each 100 points gets £1.00 discount. You can only spend points on the online shop, not via email.
How long do points last
We reserve the right to withdraw the rewards program without notice, however we have no plans to do so and plan to honour points indefinetly where possible.