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Backflow Incense Cone Burners Whats New & FAQ questions.

We have some beautiful new additions to the website.

Including our new Backflow Incense Burners & Dragon Incense Cone Burners.


All products are available on our eBay however it’s always cheaper if you shop directly with us via the website as we facture out the costs involved on our eBay account so you will always save around 10% more purchasing via the website.


Our backflow burners are a great focal point in any room and are the perfect gift for anyone crazy about incense.

Here’s some of our new favorites in no particular order followed by a FAQ section.

Egyptian Aztec Pyramid Kingdom – Backflow – Incense Cone Burner

Standing at 11cm in height and a width & depth of 15cm this beautiful pyramid backflow incense cone burner brings an excitable Egyptian feeling to any room the smoke from the incense cones swarms majestically down the stairs of the pyramid.

Priced at just £23.49 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and buy.


Dragons LED Fantasy Resin Backflow Incense Cone Burner – Purple Dragon

Looking for something a bit different to give as a gift?
Then check out this fantasy Dragon LED Incense Burner.

Featuring a stunning purple dragon sat upon the rocks of this beautiful piece. LED lighting flashes in the center while smoke pours down the rocky dragons lair. A must have for any dragon / mythical beasts collectors.


Height 12.5cm, Width 12cm, Depth 12cm

Priced at just £24.99 from £32.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy.


LED Dragons Castle Fantasy Backflow Incense Cone Burner Featuring a Green Dragon

Something fun and quirky yet beautiful too.



Our fantasy LED Green Dragon backflow incense cone burner is a wonderful addition to your collection.

Made from resin like all burners on this post this beauty stands at 19cm tall with a width of 9cm & depth 10.5cm.

Priced at just £26.99 from £34.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy.


Dragons Castle Incense Cone Burner available in Purple & Green


Purple Dragons Castle Incense Burner.

Priced at just £31.99 from £39.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy


Green Dragons Castle Incense Burner.


Priced at just £31.99 from £39.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy.


Both the above burners stand at a height of 20cm, have a width of 13cm and a depth of 14cm

These both make flowing aroma’s from the incense cones pour beautiful down the castle stairs. These look great alone as well as a pair.


Large Earth Dragons Head Backflow Incense Cone Burner (Green)



At 14cm in height and width of 9cm and depth of 13.5cm these are our larger sized Dragon Head Incense Burners.

The incense cone aromas pour out the mouth and nose of the dragons head creating a beautifully unreal feeling.

Also available in Water Dragon Blue details below size and dimensions are the same for both dragon heads.

Priced at just £28.99 from £39.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy.


Large Water Dragon Head Backflow Incense Cone Burner (Blue)



Priced at just £28.99 from £39.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy.


Slightly smaller than the above two dragons heads are our Red and Purple Dragon head Incense cone burners.

Standing at a height of 10.5cm, width 8cm and depth of 10cm these are still as stunning as the previous two but take up less space.



Red Dragons Head Backflow Incense Cone Burner


Priced at just £19.99 from £27.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy.


Purple Dragons Head Backflow Incense Cone Burner


Priced at just £19.99 from £27.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy.


Some would say we have left the best until last but we will let you be the judge of that.


LED Hatching Dragons Egg Backflow Incense Cone Burner (Green)



LED Hatching Dragons Egg Backflow Incense Cone Burner (Purple)


These stunning LED hatching dragon egg incense cone burners are certainly a must-have for any mythical creature collector or dragon enthusiasts alike not only do they look fantastic they also flash! The led really adds to the smoke released from your chosen aromas.

Priced at just £29.99 from £39.99 with free tracked UK delivery.

View and Buy our Green Dragon Egg.

View and Buy our Purple Dragon Egg.




More about our backflow burners

Our backflow burners are made from resin and are for use with backflow incense cones only.

Backflow incense creates a mist when it is lit which flows down and around the backflow burner.

This mist contains natural resins and oils that can create a light residue on the burner and surface around it which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

These products come with full safety information and must be placed on a heatproof surface before use.

Have you seen our new aroma collection of incense cones by Goloka.

We have 12 beautiful Aromas to pick from.

Arruda Rue, The Buddha, Chakra, Dragons Blood, Jasmine, Nag Champa, Nature’s LavenderNature’s Nest, , Nature’s Rose, Palo Santo (Tree of Life), Sandalwood and White Sage.

Available in packs of 6 pots, Each pot contains 24 cones (144 Cones per pack of 6)

You can also save more money when you purchase more than one of our incense cone using our bundle maker.

Simply select from the aromas we have in stock and your required quantity required of each the bigger your bundle the more you save.

Retail Price (£6.99 per pot of 24)


How to Burn Incense Cones?


Cone-shaped incense arrive in multiple fragrances, such as Dragon’s Blood, Nig Champa and Sandalwood

Due to the magnitude of smoke incense cones create, many opt for incense burners featuring dragons or other mythical creatures and beasts with unique designs, when the smoke filters out of the burner, it gives the appearance that the creature is breathing smoke or the burners create fabulous settings.

To burn your incense cone, you’ll need:

Insert your incense cone into your burner pointy-side up, burn the very tip with either a lighter or match. After the cone starts ablaze, let the top burn for 5 to 10 seconds before blowing (or waffing) the flame out. If done correctly, the top of the cone should still be lit, but no longer burning in flames. Your incense cone will start to smolder and ignite into a fragrant smoke. Incense cones tend to burn for around 20 minutes.

Why does my cone go out?


If your incense cones go out, they may not be getting ample oxygen to keep them burning. This could happen if your burner is too small. If your burner has a top/lid, try removing it.

Always store your incense cones in a cool dry place. If they get too much moisture they will not ignite properly. Or you could be using a poor quality incense. We have some great aromas to select from.

Is it safe to sleep with incense burning?

As with candles Never leave burning incense unattended. If you have to leave or you’re going to sleep and your incense is still burning, put it out. Keep both unlit and burning incense out of reach of children and pets.


Have another question? send us a message we love to hear from our customers and website visitors alike!


All the best.





Price reduction on all our personalised wooden toys. Dear Zoo, Peppa Pig, and Peter Rabbit.

We are pleased to announce a sale (Permanent Reduction) in price for our personalised wooden toys.

Dear Zoo, Peppa Pig and Peter Rabbit toys included in reductions.

Previous prices prior to april 2nd 2020:
Dear Zoo Skittles was £34.99 Now £26.99,









Peppa Pig Pull & Play toy Was £18.99 Now £12.99,








Peppa Pig Jig Saw Was £22.99 now £17.49,









Peppa Pig Push Along Was £32.99 now £23.99,








Dear Zoo Jig Saw was £24.99 now £19.49,









Peppa Pig Skittles was £34.99 now £26.99,








Peppa Pig Camper Van was £32.99 now £23.99,









Peppa Pig Puzzle Block Was £21.99 now £17.49,








Dear Zoo Puzzle Block Was £24.99 now £18.99,









Peter Rabbit Dominoes was £23.99 Now £18.49



April 6th 2020
Lead Times During Covid-19 Pandemic

You may experience your order being one or two days behind lead time during this pandemic. Understandably, our couriers and Royal Mail are busy working on essential duties causing their lead times to slip. On top of this, we are now running on reduced staffing levels in our factories.

Our production is operating under strict government guidelines with social distancing and other protective measures which make us less efficient but protect our staff. We are also running a lower staff count, with those working from home where they can. Other members of staff with health concerns or anxiety to be at the workplace have been furloughed.

80% of orders are still being dispatched and arriving on time, but please allow 1-2 days just in case.

March 25th 2020

We’d like to inform you remains partially operational and it is very much a case of business as usual for our personalised Gifts & Books,

Some changes have been made to our working environments to adhere to the government advice but this will have no affect on your orders.
Please note due to COVID-19 we are no longer taking any orders until further notice for our non personalised gifts, including Home Essentials, Bicycle, Car, Motorcycle, Sports & Gym Equipment, Computer Accessories,DIY & Tools, Pets, Toys, TV Brackets Ect.

New products will continue to launch as normal,

Stay safe, and together we will get through this!

March 20th 2020

As we are facing a period of uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 virus, we would like to reassure you that we are doing all we can to keep things as consistent as possible for our customers.

We are currently operating as normal, with all orders being dispatched as usual. We do not at this moment have any closures planned, however, our staff and customers’ health is our top priority and we are continuing to monitor and follow Government guidelines during this time.

Please be aware that couriers and postal services are all facing high workloads alongside potential staffing issues, so delivery times may be slightly longer for the time being.

Please also note that stock levels are ever-changing as some of our products are in high demand currently, As a result of varying stock demand as well as the long-term economic effects of the virus we are currently only authorizing payments for orders, orders will be charged once accepted manually by us to avoid payments being taken if we cannot fulfill the order.

We will continue to keep our customers updated to the best of our ability

We will continue to update this page for the latest information regarding stock updates,

Of course, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions at any point, our team is working hard to support you and we appreciate your patience.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding from all of us here at!

Frozen 2 & Frozen Collection Books Updated to Include Frozen 2 Movie Ending.

Both our standalone Frozen 2 story book and Frozen Collection books have been updated to include the ending of the Frozen 2 film.

This had not been previously included as a order by Disney to keep the integrity of the film and for the book to remain spoiler-free.

This embargo has now been lifted and you will find the ending of the film within these books.

The books that have been updated.

Personalised Frozen 2 Book Licensed Disney Story Book

Available in Hardback and Softback


A personalised storybook of the spectacular Frozen sequel.

In this personalised Frozen 2 storybook, your child enters the Kingdom of Arendelle, home to Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven. It is up to the team to rescue the Kingdom, which has become enclosed in a endless winter.

Epic adventures await, as the group encounter the might and power of the elements, uncovering ancient mysteries along the way.

Personalised Frozen Collection Book – Licensed Disney Frozen Universe Storybook

Available in Hardback and Softback

The Frozen universe burst onto the scene in 2013 and has since become a global phenomenon.

This personalised collection book is the ultimate Frozen souvenir, containing the original Frozen movie plus the sequel Frozen 2!

There are a further three Frozen stories, PLUS a unique tale featuring your child!

The absolute gift for any fan of Frozen who probably will have a fantasy of being in the Frozen universe.

This collection book allows them to do precisely that and will be a priceless addition to their bookshelf.

Available in A3 deluxe size £39.99

Presented in a Black Disney Supersize Giftbox which is embossed with a picture of the famous Disney castle.









A4 standard sized £29.99

Presented in a Cream Disney Giftbox which is embossed with a picture of the famous Disney castle.







Each book features further personalisation with the recipient’s name embossed on the cover and again on the opening page alongside a personal message.

You can also add a photo of your child to the opening page.


SmokeyDs Christmas Delivery Information.

Christmas cut offs for non personalised goods :

December 20th

Christmas cut offs for personalised goods.

December 16th (Ceramics, Glass, other 4 Day processing products)
December 18th (Newspaper date books, Advent boxes Other 3 Day products)
December 19th (All other personalised goods)

Please note we cannot guarentee any delivery date and cannot refund for orders which arrive after the christmas period due to reasons out of our control (Missed Deliveries, Failed Deliveries, Weather ect).

Orders placed after this date will likely not be delivered in time for christmas.

Please see below our opening dates over the Christmas Period.

We will be producing orders and responding to customer service queries as normal and will aim to deliver any orders placed in this time within the standard lead times

Monday 23rd December – Open as usual (9am to 5pm)
Tuesday 24th December – CLOSED
Wednesday 25th December – CLOSED
Thursday 26th December – CLOSED
Friday 27th December – Open with limited productivity
Saturday 28th December – CLOSED
Sunday 29th December – CLOSED
Monday 30th December – Open with limited productivity
Tuesday 31st December – Open with limited productivity

Special discount save 10% on your next order using discount code: Gifts10

This Black Friday Save 10% off your order and get 10% Cashback.

Our Black Friday deal is now live.

Save 10% off your entire order (Includes all items already on sale price) plus get 10% Cashback in vouchers to spend on your next order at

Offer ends Midnight Cyber Monday (2nd Decemeber)

To receive this offer simply enter the coupon code for this promotion at checkout.

Coupon code: BlackFriday


Some of our already great price products are below please note the prices do not include the 10% Discount for black friday or the 10% Cashback.

See our example

You can save £5 on our Childrens ride on Digger was £59.99 Now £49.99, Yours for £44.99 this Black Friday and a further £5 voucher headed your way. Effectively bringing the digger to £39.99

Vouchers will arrive shortly after delivery has been confirmed for your orders placed with the coupon BlackFriday

Find out What’s next for Anna Elsa and Olaf? Licensed Disney Frozen 2 Story Book

THE film of the year is released in 9 days! (22nd November 2019)

Read the story BEFORE film is released in cinemas!

Your child features THROUGHOUT story – their name also on the cover!

Frozen 2 is only NINE DAYS away from its big-screen release. Celebrate the highly anticipated sequel with this personalised Frozen 2 story book!

This personalised adaptation of the Frozen sequel features the recipient’s name all the way through the story as they become a part of the latest epic Frozen adventure.



What’s more, their name will feature on the front cover AND on the opening page, where a personal message and photo can also be added.

This book is available in hardback and softback editions and can be purchased inside a special Disney gift box.

Buy now



SmokeyDs now supplying personalised officially licensed merchandise.

We have a great opportunity to work with some famous brands to bring you Brand New officially licensed merchandise direct from the manufactures.

Including but not limited to Disney, Penguin, Marvel, Peter Rabbit, Thomas & Friends, Haynes, Horrible Histories, Beano, Watership Down, Ladybird, Hacche & Very Hungry Caterpillar

All goods can be personalised to include your recipient name.
Some items you can attach photos and personal messages to make it that bit more extra special great for christmas and birthdays or just as a treat! Stock is being added over the coming weeks but if you have any queries send us an inbox.

Customer Notice: Christmas and New Year Orders.

This year our cutoff date for orders guaranteed to be shipped before Christmas will be 8PM on Sunday the 16th December as we officially close for the holiday period on Wednesday the 19th.
however there will be no dispatch between Wednesday the 19th December and our return date which will be Monday the 7th January.
Please keep in mind that guaranteed dispatch before Christmas is not the same as guaranteed delivery before Christmas, in which case our regular shipping times still apply. For your reference, this is a maximum of 10 calendar days since dispatch for orders shipping to an address in the UK, and 28 calendar days for orders shipping to an address overseas. Orders that arrive after Christmas but still within our regular shipping times will not be eligible for a refund on the basis of late arrival.